Friday, April 16, 2010

Blackmailing virus infects computers by installing a Trojan horse.

Blackmailing virus is a new type of Malware called Kenzero. It is a Trojan horse designed to profit from victims whose computers are infected. The virus installs itself on computers through a popular file-share service called Winni.
Viruses on computers can usually do damage to the hardware. This Malware demands a ransom by prompting for a credit card number. It can ridicule and embarrass its computer victims.

Browsing History
The Trojan captures the user's browsing history on the infected computer. It then sends the information to a public website. Once the user realizes that their private information is on the Web for everyone to see, the website demands payment to have it removed.

Internet Schemes
However, the virus is a bit tricky and plays psychology on its victim. It uses the term "settle your violation of copyright law." The user feels convinced that they downloaded illegal files from an online service.
Moreover, the Kenzero Trojan virus knows what sites the user has visited. The site that publishes the private information is registered to a fake individual called Shoen Overns. Authorities have tied this name to other related virus schemes on the Internet.

Facebook and Farm Town
The "Farm Town" application in Facebook has been hit with Malware. It redirects users to a fake antivirus software program. The computer user is told they have infections and should buy the software.
"We believe at this time that it is harmless to your computer and a result of one or more of the ads on the site, but you should not follow any links to any software claiming to 'clean your system,'" Farm Town's developer, SlashKey, said in a statement.
However, the advertisement has been pulled. It was running on a network owned by Cubics. The company has banned the advertisement.

By: Rob Adams
Published: Apr 16, 2010
Updated: Apr 16, 2010

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